Bringing STEM to Life Grant Application, 2017-2018

Applicants may wish to gather information needed before beginning the application. Drafting responses in a word processing program to copy into the form is also helpful. Preview the full application here, along with more information about the grant and eligibility requirements.

Note: Each applicant will need to fill out a Substitute W-9 form (link included below) with his or her own personal information, not that of a school or district.

Download the form, fill it out, then print and sign it. Upload it to the application. Be sure it doesn't come through blank!

DUE DATE: October 1, 2017



I understand what is required of me if I receive a Bringing STEM to Life grant, and I agree to the following (click on button below):

  1. Mandatory attendance at grant awards reception
  2. Saturday, March 24, 2018
    Azusa Pacific University

    Please do not apply if you are unable to attend the reception. For group grants, only the representative of the group is required to attend, but all group members are welcome.

  3. Report on grant must be turned in by June 15th, 2018

  4. Must include the report, all receipts of grant expenses, and a lesson plan related to grant use

  5. Pre-approval of any grant changes

  6. Immediately contact BSTEML for approval if grant use needs to be changed from what was in the application, if the grant can no longer be used, or there are leftover funds. Return all
    unused grant funds to BSTEML.

- If I do not attend the reception, I will not receive a grant.
- If I do not send a complete report on time, I could be ineligible for future grants. If I fail to send a report, I will receive a 1099 Miscellaneous form, and the grant will be reported as income.
- If a complete report is sent, the grant is considered a reimbursement and not reported as income for tax purposes.

Please download the W-9 pdf from the following link: Substitute W-9 Form. Once you have downloaded the file, please fill it out, print and sign it, and then upload the signed document here. This is a requirement for submission of your grant application.